Washing Machine Repair

Most people couldn’t care less about learning things related to the way their washer works, which parts make up the appliance or why the appliance is so heavy. All people want is to load the appliance, put some detergent and get done with dirty clothes. You can leave everything else to us! As experts in professional repair services, our technicians at West Orange Appliance Repair, NJ, can replace the damaged parts, install your new laundry machine and fix the existing one. As long as you live in West Orange, NJ, and own a washer, you can depend on us. We cover washer installation, repair, troubleshooting, replacement and maintenance needs and do it with great respect to your requests.

Let’s have your washer repaired today

When you shut the washer’s door and choose a program, everything is fine. Problems begin when the appliance fails to latch or it’s not shut airtight and water ends up on your floor. This is when you need us the most. This is when we offer emergency washer repair. In an effort to spare you the frustration of dealing with similar issues, we also provide maintenance. One of our company’s technicians will be happy to check your appliance once every year and tell you whether it’s time to replace parts. We make sure all components are clean, free of soap residue, erosion and dirt, and in good condition. With our regular washer service, your appliance will clean clothes well and won’t create problems.

Local washing machine technicians for your convenience

When problems pop, let our West Orange washing machine repair experts take care of them. If required, we provide same day emergency assistance. Our technicians are equipped to check and repair washing machines by most brands and of all types in New Jersey. Whether you own a regular or compact washer, you can trust our service. We also fix combination units, old and new generation technologies, top and front load washers. Someone from our team will help you with problems in timely fashion and do what’s required in order to have your washing machine up and running in zero time. Call us if you want washing machine repair service today!

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