Dryer Repair

With our professional dryer repair services in the West Orange area, NJ, we keep your home appliance energy efficient, functional and, above all, safe. Nothing is compared to your safety and this is one of the main reasons why we help you with dryer problems as soon as possible. Equipped to fix dryers to the expectations of the client, our entire team at West Orange Appliance Repair, NJ, can be of huge help when something is not right in your laundry room. Whether problems are minor or major, we fix them. Whether you need us to inspect your appliance, maintain it or remove the old, ruined parts and install new ones, our professionals are helpful at all times.

Prevent trouble with our dryer services

For safe operation, trust our professional dryer installation service. The technicians of our local business are up to date trained to fix dryers made by the largest manufacturers in the state of New Jersey. Official safety standards are followed by our professionals so that your appliance will operate at its best. Home dryers are hardly complex appliances. They only consist of a few parts, but they all need good service. Lint must be frequently removed from the lint trap and the vents so that your appliance will have a chance to breathe with air exiting through the ducts. We ensure safe operation with our routine dryer services during which our technicians inspect all components, clean the accumulated lint and take excellent care of the appliance.

When your dryer won’t stop, call for dryer repair

Dryer parts wear over time. They might erode, break or just wear. With experience in washer and dryer repair services, our technicians inform you of their condition and can install new belts, solenoids, heating coils, fuses, rollers and thermostats. When it comes to serious or sudden problems, we help in timely fashion. Expect our full support when your dryer fails to complete the cycle without making excessive noise, doesn’t open, keeps on working, doesn’t turn on, leaves your garments damp or gets hot out of the ordinary. Our company can help you with your emergency West Orange dryer repair needs by offering same day service.

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